Discover Octavio’s story

Octavio was born in two apartments in Lille.

The founding team had quality vintage audio systems that they appreciated more than anything, but were not compatible with the way they enjoyed music from streaming services.

The idea of breaking away from their system was inconceivable to them. What if the solution was simply to update them, rather than replace them?

Months of prototyping and testing went into coming up with the solution that would solve their problem.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign thanks to those who would become our first users, Octavio was born.

This is the origin of Octavio, a team of music lovers with a common desire: to improve and facilitate your listening to music at home by reviving audio systems based on the best possible technologies.


Product Manager

“Being a part of Octavio means being able to design accessible and sustainable products. Concerned with the user experience, I want to bring a more ergonomic way to interact with audio.”


Sales Manager

“Being passionate about music and technology, working at Octavio is a real pleasure, it also allows me to share my values.
Here, the work environment is optimal and every day is very rich and different, which is very motivating.”


Communication officer

“Believing in Octavio is believing in a project that I want to see evolve and bring dreams to everyone who is as passionate about music as we are. To contribute even a little bit to it is something that everyone should have the chance to achieve in their lives.”


Full stack mobile engineer

“Being part of a team of young enthusiasts to accompany older audio systems into the digital age.”


Full stack mobile developer

“Working at Octavio means being able to blend my skills with my passion for audio, and put them to use in products that make sense. We feel listened to, respected and it pushes us to give our best.”


Business Developer

Animated by music, contributing to Octavio’s business development means being able to combine business with pleasure!

They support us

We pay particular attention to professional well-being

Allowing the entire team to work in a human-sized space contributes to our approach to well-being at work.

A person at ease in his environment is a happy person. And that’s how productivity is at its peak.

Participate in the French design

As far as possible, we try to promote the know-how of our French manufacturers.

We are motivated to give you the opportunity to contribute to the local economy while offering the fairest price possible.

You want to know more about the production? It happens right here.


Internalize for a quality product

We put our own know-how at your service to ensure the quality you deserve.

From customer service to mobile development to mechanical aspects, we strive to internalize as many resources as possible to ensure maximum quality and sustainability.

Our history

July 2018


  • David and Victor are faced with the same problem: keeping their old audio systems while easily benefiting from the latest audio innovations. From there, they came up with the idea of Octavio.
September 2018


  • The founding team is hosted in the Plaine Images incubator
January 2019 - December 2019


  • For months, the founders will prototype and test the various advances with a group of beta-testers.
March 2020


  • Launch of a crowdfunding campaign to finance the first production of Octavio
September 2020


  • The team grows with the arrival of Agathe and Hugo who join the adventure.
March 2021

Product release

  • Launch of direct sales of Octavio
March 2021

New recruit

  • Octavio is expanding with the arrival of Paul, the new full stack mobile engineer.
April 2021

More space

  • The team moves to new and bigger spaces, in order to have the means to develop the future of Octavio
October 2021

Octavio AMP release

  • Octavio AMP, the compact and connected amplifier from Octavio is officially announced and available for pre-order