And your audio system comes to life

You want to broadcast your music wirelessly, but your amplifier or speaker does not allow it?

Modernize your classic audio system by giving it access to the world of streaming and multi-room, all in top quality.

Starting at 199€

Designed for streaming

The largest integrated streaming services

Listen in high fidelity

Lossless broadcasting in studio quality

Multiroom compatible

Take advantage of the Octavio eco-system and listen to your music throughout your home

With you for a long time

Regular updates to keep your music playing for a long time

Your audio system is evolving

Connect an Octavio device to your amplifier, Hi-Fi system or DAC and play all your music in high quality from your smartphone

For your vintage audio system

Give a second life to your Hi-Fi system by connecting an Octavio box to your system to access all your streaming music.

“One of the very first purchasers of this formidable box which has, in my eyes, only advantages but above all has given new life to my old Yamaha amp. Pure happiness…”

Pascal M.

For your audiophile installation

Access to your dematerialized music in high fidelity (up to 24 bits / 192 kHz) on your DAC or amplifier from Qobuz, Deezer and more.

“I was looking for a small network player to enjoy Qobuz Hi-Res sound on the tube amp. Quick connections, ultra simple configuration and intuitive dedicated app. The box is discreet. The sound is excellent.”

Fabrice D.

For your speaker

Connect Octavio STREAM to the optical input of your Devialet and access to an optimal sound quality, thanks to a Wi-Fi technology, multiroom compatible.

“Equipped with Devialet Phantoms, I installed an Octavio to fill the gaps of Devialet.
Octavio allows me to have a stable and Lossless broadcast on my Phantoms.
On the application side, the French startup Octavio has succeeded where Devialet failed.”

Arnaud C.

Your music in streaming

Connect your amplifier to your speakers, and enter the streaming era

Enjoy the best audio technologies and all your high fidelity streaming services

Qobuz Studio (24 bits / 192 KHz) - Gapless

Deezer Hi-Fi (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

Tidal Hi-Fi (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

Qobuz Studio
24 bits / 192 KHz (Gapless)

Deezer Hi-Fi
16 bits / 44.1 KHz

Tidal Hi-Fi
16 bits / 44.1 KHz

16 bits / 44.1 KHz

Lossless (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

OGG (320 kbp/s)

Music HD (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

320 kbp/s

Music HD
16 bits / 44.1 KHz

The most accurate sound possible

Up to 24 bits / 192kHz

Octavio Stream uses Wi-Fi Lossless* sound technology to get the most out of your speakers.

Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi applies no compression to your audio signal.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: Comparison


320 kbps

WI-FI (CD Quality)

1411 kbps

Wi-Fi (Hi-Res)

6971 kbps

* Lossless starts at CD quality (16 bits / 44.1 KHz) and goes up to Hi-Res format (24 bits / 192KHz) for true audiophiles.

The ultimate streaming application

Available in beta version

Navigate easily in the Octavio Virtuose mobile application and find all your audio content in an adapted and ergonomic interface




AirPlay 2

Stream your music from your Mac, iPad or iPhone from any sound source (Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud...)

Up to 16 bits / 44.1 KHz

Spotify Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Spotify app, on mobile, tablet or PC.

Soon to be Spotify HiFi compatible

Tidal Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Tidal app, on mobile, tablet or PC.

Tidal Hi-Fi compatible

Compatible with all audio systems

Simple and versatile, Octavio Stream’s audio connectivity has been designed to be compatible with a maximum number of audio systems.

To do this, simply choose the right cable for your needs.





Connect your Octavio Stream device to your network with the Ethernet adapter (RJ45)

Designed to last

Octavio’s electronic board has been developed in-house and designed to last for years with robust and reliable components.

The audio processing is also immune to any electronic or electro-magnetic interference.

A concentrate of performance

The integrated technology is based on a Linkplay chip, a global player in the world of connected audio.

Automatic updates are thus possible to enrich your daily experience with Octavio.

This technology has been designed to last for years and to support a good number of updates as streaming services evolve, to ensure its durability over time.

Simple and discreet

With a simple touch, start and stop your music without having to take out your phone.

With its sleek and discreet design, Octavio will undoubtedly fit easily into your home.


We try as much as possible to promote our French know-how.

In order to guarantee durable and well thought-out products, our teams handle software development, shipping and after-sales service in-house.

The assembly of the product is done at a local ESAT, near Lille.