Upgrade your classic audio system with streaming services and multiroom, all in top quality.



Designed to bridge the gap between yesterday’s and tomorrow’s music, Octavio AMP combines all the essential features of an amplifier.


Octavio Ethernet


Connect your Octavio STREAM device to your wired internet network with the Octavio ETHERNET adapter.

Digital cable: Toslink


The Toslink cable, also called optical, allows the transmission of high quality digital audio signal. The transport by luminous flux allows an insensitivity to the electro-magnetic disturbances. This connection is used in televisions, recent home theater amplifiers and some advanced audio systems. Length : 1,5m

Analog cable: RCA


The analog RCA cable is often used for Hi-Fi components (Hi-Fi system, turntable…) or more widely for consumer audio devices. It has two connectors corresponding to the left and right channels. Length : 1,5m

Analog cable: 3.5mm jack


The mini-jack cable is more common in mobile audio systems. It has a simple 3.5mm connector. Length : 1,5m