The compact and connected amplifier

Designed to bridge the gap between yesterday’s and tomorrow’s music, Octavio AMP combines all the essential features of an amplifier.

Starting at 699€

Pumped up

Amplification system for floorstanding speakers and bookshelves

For all your devices

A maximum of connectors to meet all your needs

Connected to your music

The best integrated audio technologies, in high fidelity

As small as it is powerful

Compact size to fit discreetly into your furniture

Perfect for any occasion

Thanks to its numerous connections, Octavio AMP will easily connect to all your equipment

Just like in the movies

Connect your TV optically to Octavio AMP and link your subwoofer to enjoy great sound

Get out your LPs

Listen to your vinyl records by connecting your turntable pre-amplifier to the RCA input of the Octavio amplifier

And much more

The auxiliary input allows you to connect your CD player or any other device

Your music in streaming

Connect your amplifier to your speakers, and enter the streaming era

Enjoy the best audio technologies and all your high fidelity streaming services

Qobuz Studio (24 bits / 192 KHz) - Gapless

Deezer Hi-Fi (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

Tidal Hi-Fi (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

Qobuz Studio
24 bits / 192 KHz (Gapless)

Deezer Hi-Fi
16 bits / 44.1 KHz

Tidal Hi-Fi
16 bits / 44.1 KHz

16 bits / 44.1 KHz

Lossless (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

OGG (320 kbp/s)

Music HD (16 bits / 44.1 KHz)

320 kbp/s

Music HD
16 bits / 44.1 KHz

The ultimate streaming application

Available in beta version

Navigate easily in the Octavio Virtuose mobile application and find all your audio content in an adapted and ergonomic interface




AirPlay 2

Stream your music from your Mac, iPad or iPhone from any sound source (Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud...)

Up to 16 bits / 44.1 KHz

Spotify Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Spotify app, on mobile, tablet or PC.

Soon to be Spotify HiFi compatible

Tidal Connect

Find your Octavio device from the official Tidal app, on mobile, tablet or PC.

Tidal Hi-Fi compatible

A clear and precise sound

The Octavio AMP electronic system is equipped with Sound Filter technology.

Sound Filter analyzes the signal played in Octavio AMP and compares it to the output signal before it is played to your speakers to remove any potential noise or disturbance, ensuring a clear and accurate sound.

Flexible power supply

The product’s external power supply gives you more flexibility and durability.

Does your speaker pair require more power?
Choose a more powerful power supply (32V) to double the power of the amplifier.

Designed to last

Did you know that the power supply was the main cause of failure on amplifiers?

To ensure that your product will be with you for a long time, Octavio AMP’s power supply is external to make it easy to repair.

Complete connectivity

With its multiple connections, Octavio AMP will easily connect to all your multimedia devices.

Its design goes beyond the boundaries of classic hi-fi to meet the demands of not only vinyl lovers but also movies fans.

It will easily find its place

With its design of 20cm by 20cm, Octavio will easily find a place in your furniture.

Control your volume with a flick of the wrist, or easily switch between audio sources.

An indicator light shows you the status of your device (selected sound source or configuration status).


We try as much as possible to promote our French know-how.

In order to guarantee durable and well thought-out products, our teams handle software development, shipping and after-sales service in-house.

The assembly of the product is done at a local ESAT, near Lille.